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Comedy / Canada / 18 min.

A random online stranger lures Bill to a dating website in an attempt to be flirtatious. However, Bill finds his girlfriend's profile on the same website. She's searching for other men behind his back. Enraged, he creates his own dating profile and wages a vengeful, internet, cold war on his relationship.

Director: Daniel Clements
Producer: Shera Everett Singh, Daniel Clements
Writer: Daniel Clements
Wien for life

Comedy / Belgium / 24 min.

An off-the-wall crime comedy about two oddballs whose unusual friendship is torn apart by a winning lottery ticket scratched off in a desolate petrol station on the border between Flanders and France.

Director: Alidor Doflfing
Producer: Sieber Marly
Writer: Alidor Dolfing

Drama / Canada / 16 min.

A struggling musician is given the opportunity to compose a hit single for the largest record label in the world, but his grandfather who has dementia keeps getting in the way of his creative process.

Director: Philip Leung, Jerome Skeete
Producer: Philip Leung, Beth Wong
Writer: Philip Leung, Jerome Skeete
As I Like Her

Comedy / Canada / 14 min.

A failed theater director's life is on a downward spiral until he's offered a second chance. Unfortunately, it's working with his ex-girlfriend.

Director: Nicholas Paddison
Producer: Chrysanthi Zora Michaelides
Writer: Nicholas Paddison
Everything Changes

Drama / Canada / 11 min.

Calvin and Naomi try to make a special connection on an afternoon date. But over the course of the day, a secret is revealed that leaves them forever changed.

Director: Simeon Taole
Producer: Simeon Taole, Danielle Ungara
Writer: Simeon Taole

Comedy / Canada / 11 min.

In the middle of the night Emma receives a desperate call from her ex, who claims to be on his roof and ready to jump. Naturally, she is concerned, but her current boyfriend Calvin is suspicious of his intentions. The resulting confrontation will change their lives forever.

Director: Sean Cammack
Producer: Sean Cammack, Derek Mascarenhas
Writer: Sean Cammack
Cast: Sam Stewart, Nicole McCafferty, Jamieson Child

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