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The Beauty That Remains

Drama / Canada / 18 min.

A young German girl is brought to work in a concentration camp, sorting through the confiscated possessions of prisoners in a lonely warehouse. Through the relationships she develops with the objects, she begins to understand the morbid nature of her work.

Director: Danny Hamilton
Producer: Lindsay Stanlick
Writer: Danny Hamilton

Suspense/Thriller / Canada / 20 min.

A journalist is invited to spend an afternoon with a grizzled old foothills rancher who recounts a unique experience he had 50 years ago, and the yearly pagan ritual he then built around it. An exploration of our fear of all manifestations of “void” – silence, darkness, solitude – and how our minds come to fill it.

Director: Duncan McDowall
Producer: Duncan McDowall
Writer: Duncan McDowall

Drama / China / 13 min.

All the families of Xiaojun Meng suffered a serious car accident. A truck rammed his motorcycle and Xiaojun Meng was hurt badly and her four-year-old daughter was suffered a fearful brain damage, but her wife was dead, unfortunately. In order to save her daughter, she must be conducted an expensive operation within a week, which costs £¤120,000. Since Meng is a car mechanic in a small town, there is no doubt that Meng cannot pay the operation fee. At last, he followed the m

Director: Muye Muye
Producer: Xiang Wang
Writer: Muye Muye
Mystic Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe

Documentary / Switzerland / 3 min.

Markus Eichenberger received permission to stay at the Jungfraujoch station high in the Swiss Alps, usually off limits to tourists, and recorded a time-lapse view from the top of Europe, shot over 48 hours.

Director: Markus Eichenberger
Producer: Markus Eichenberger
Writer: Markus Eichenberger

Latin / USA / 12 min.

A dark comedy about a Mexican American girl grappling with her mother's fears and struggling to find her place while not being able to physically fit into a cultural stereotype.

Director: Scarlet Moreno
Producer: Scarlet Moreno, One Whale's Tale
Writer: Scarlet Moreno, Camilo Quiroz-Vazquez
Blush Riot

Documentary / Canada / 12 min.

An explosion of colour filmed at India's Holi festival. Blush Riot follows a woman's path through modern India's social and traditional culture.

Director: Edward Pond
Producer: Edward Pond
Writer: Edward Pond

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