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Away From Here

Drama / Canada / 17 min.

Awoken in the middle of the night, an angst ridden teenager must decide whether to leave his sleepy industrial hometown with his best friend, or stay to support his family. In one night, his commitment to family, friendship and love are tested in his search for freedom.

Director: Joseph Covello
Producer: Joseph Covello, Ivan Hutomo
Writer: Joseph Covello

Drama / USA / 15 min.

Jeremy begrudgingly goes on assignment back to his hometown of Whitehorse, Canada, a place he hasn't set foot in 15 years. Can he get out before boredom sets in? Or does the frozen tundra have more allure than he had anticipated?

Director: Mu Sun
Producer: Mu Sun, Bodhi Elfman
Writer: Mu Sun, Bodhi Elfman

Horror / Norway / 16 min.

Sarah and Linda discover an old Polaroid camera in the clearing of Sarah's house. In their own selfishness they exploit the camera, only to discover what horrible past it hides.

Director: lars klevberg
Producer: Petter onstad Lokke
Writer: lars klevberg
The Bear

Suspense/Thriller / Canada / 9 min.

Three miners in a remote Yukon mining camp in Canada's far north swap tall tales that lead to a violent showdown with the camp's bitter owner. Part story of man in the wilderness, part neo-noir,'The Bear takes the audience into the Canadian's heart of darkness'.

Director: Peter Findlay
Producer: Peter Findlay, Kegan Sant
Writer: Peter Findlay
Rocket Wars

Documentary / USA / 6 min.

A war to keep the peace. In the village of Vrontados on the Greek island of Chios, there is unrest. For over a century, parishioners of two Greek Orthodox churches have engaged in a battle on Holy Saturday, firing homemade rockets at each others churches once the sun goes down.

Director: Salomon Ligthelm
Producer: Tyler Ginter, Alex Friedman
Writer: Salomon Ligthelm

Drama / Canada / 10 min.

Brink is a confidently crafted and beautifully photographed slow burn that investigates te subconscious desires of a troubled relationship. Featuring strong performances and a haunting score, Brink lingers long after the final frame.

Director: Nicholas Collette
Producer: Nicholas Collette, Adam Seward
Writer: Nicholas Collette
Becca and Molly

Drama / USA / 17 min.

It's Mom's birthday and these two sisters have a surprise or two for her and for each other.

Director: Fabienne Bouville
Producer: Maggie Chieffo, Kristen Hester
Writer: Nathalie Antonia, Dixie Perkinson
Cast: Dixie Perkinson, Nathalie Antonia, Beth Grant

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