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First Aid

Comedy / Canada / 12 min.

An older country couple find an injured man on their front porch and don't know what to do with him. They have a brilliant idea.

Director: Jean-Marc Piché
Producer: Nicky Després, Jean-Marc Piché
Writer: Pierre-Marc Drouin

Drama / Germany / 15 min.

Successful novelist and misanthrope LILITH WINTERBOTTOM (80) and chatty, religious ODAMEE MARSHALL (64) could not be more different - and yet, they are united by the same lethal diagnosis - and the same hospital room. What starts as a power struggle about the TV remote ends up in a deeply touching and heart-warming story about finding new hope.

Director: Martin Wallner
Producer: Nils Dünker
Writer: Martin Wallner
Mr Plastimime

Animation / United Kingdom / 10 min.

An under-appreciated mime artist's routine blurs into reality with a series of near misses that result in a fateful encounter for Mr Plastimime.

Director: Daniel Greaves
Producer: Emma Burch
Writer: Daniel Greaves
The Date

Drama / Canada / 9 min.

After a break up, an upfront and outspoken man attempts to seek love with a woman who is far too busy on her phone.

Director: Rob Comeau
Producer: Rob Comeau
Writer: Rob Comeau

Drama / Canada / 12 min.

A normal everyday guy (Donald) wakes up late for work and goes through an unfortunate series of events. After finally arriving to work he quickly realizes - what he has gone through is unlike anything his first client (a homeless man named Charlie) has gone through within the last 24hrs. Here we see the existentialism slowly emerge as Charlie lay's his life on the table. How will Charlies fate be left, in the hands of a disgruntled social worker or his own?

Director: Tyler Lionel Parr
Producer: Tyler Lionel Parr
Writer: Tyler Lionel Parr
The Tide

Drama / United Kingdom / 8 min.

Facing a ‘fight or flight’ moment in a heated confrontation one night, Joseph is reminded of his violent reaction to being bullied at school.

Director: Richard Rudy
Producer: Oli Lyndale
Writer: Richard Rudy
The New Romantics

Comedy / Canada / 9 min.

Zack thinks he's hit the jackpot with Mackenzie, but she has other ideas about where their relationship is headed. 'The New Romantics' takes a look at romance in our Tinder-obsessed culture and takes a classic he's- just-not-that-into-you story and turns it on its head.

Director: Julia Rowland
Producer: Julia Rowland, Katie Uhlmann
Writer: Julia Rowland

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