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In The Distance

Animation / Germany / 7 min.

It's calm and peaceful above the clouds. But in the distance is chaos, and night by night it advances...

Director: Florian Grolig
Producer: Florian Grolig
Writer: Florian Grolig
Seduction Theory

Drama / USA / 15 min.

SEDUCTION THEORY is a dark comedy about a wry 12-year old contending with his psychoanalyst father, the teachings of Sigmund Freud and the girl he hopes will save him. Written and directed by Oscar nominee Steven Ascher.

Director: Steven Ascher
Producer: Steven Ascher, Jeanne Jordan
Writer: Steven Ascher
Bangkok in Motion

Documentary / Thailand / 3 min.

Instead of just using a wheelchair for smooth flowing motion movement, supposedly "disabled" people were trained how to hold, control and operate cameras in Bangkok, Thailand. These are the results ...

Director: Jimmie Wing
Producer: Paul Spurrier, Jimmie Wing
Writer: Jimmie Wing, Paul Spurrier
Adult Puberty

Comedy / USA / 5 min.

A public service video for those entering middle age - that time of confusion, frustration, depression, and most of all, confusion.

Director: Dago Rodriguez
Producer: George Garritano, Melissa Wylie
Writer: Andy Wasif

Drama / USA / 14 min.

In the 1960's, a teenage tom boy crashes her father's screening of stag films.

Director: Kevin Newbury
Producer: Principe Dynamics and Electric Roots
Writer: Donna Di Novelli

Drama / Canada / 13 min.

"Take from the rich. Keep for the poor. That's what we're here for". Ravi and Samar are two orphaned pickpocket brothers from Delhi, India. When a heist goes wrong, tragedy leaves one boy seeking retribution.

Director: Andrew Ahmed
Producer: Andrew Ahmed
Writer: Andrew Ahmed
Ruperts Time

Drama / Canada / 15 min.

Rupert Hapsburg is a young cartoonist whose lifelong accomplishments have accumulated to drawing comic strips for a local newspaper. Fed up with his menial job and depressed over his recent divorce, Rupert decides to take matters into his on hands- but co-worker Catherine Mills is determined to set his mind free.

Director: Vittorio Garcia
Producer: Erika Carolan
Writer: Matt Raczywolski

Suspense/Thriller / Canada / 12 min.

After crashing their car into a tree in the middle of a cold winter night, a group of teenagers struggle to find help in the middle of the forest.

Director: Charles Massicotte
Producer: Charles Massicotte
Writer: Maryse Latendresse
Fifth Street

Drama / Canada / 10 min.

A young man, with a little help, looks to continue his luck at a high stakes poker game.

Director: Dennis Nicholson
Producer: Dennis Nicholson, Darren Mark
Writer: Jake Michaels

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