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Dust & Resin

Drama / United Kingdom / 10 min.

Out of money and options, twenty-something Simone apprehensively knocks on pensioner Francisí door and walks into a flat frozen in time. With business awkwardly taken care of, she moves to the bathroom to remove her clothes but when she emerges, the reality of their encounter is not what anyone expects.

Director: Stephen Parker
Producer: Jess Clark
Writer: Stephen Parker, Tara Gladden
The Interpreters

Documentary / Canada / 15 min.

A group of Afghan combat interpreters for the Canadian forces struggle to survive in Toronto, where they've found refuge.

Director: Patrick Reed
Producer: Michelle Shephard and Patrick Reed
Writer: Michelle Shephard and Patrick Reed
The Business

Drama / Italia / 15 min.

The story of a man and his workers for saving their life's efforts: their business.

Director: Davide Labanti
Producer: Davide Labanti, Elisa Delogu
Writer: Davide Labanti, Eugenio Premuda
On Getting Old

Documentary / Canada / 8 min.

A series of elders share their thoughts on love, life, career, friendship and getting old.

Director: Garine Tcholakian
Producer: Garine Tcholakian
Writer: Garine Garine
The Fake

Comedy / USA / 8 min.

A tight-fisted empty-nester sets out to get a fake ID in order to snag the senior discount.

Director: Matthew Helfgott, Jared Hillman
Producer: Elyse Rosenfield, Matthew Helfgott, Jared Hillman
Writer: Ken Schefler
After the Storm

Family / USA / 11 min.

A young girl comes to terms with life.

Director: John Corba
Producer: John Corba, Kevin McGrail
Writer: John Corba, Anthony Easton

Drama / Canada / 15 min.

Bosniak tells a story of a young girl, Nadzija who tries to escape the Bosnian war in 1993. Vesna, a widowed mother of an infant boy, accompanies Nadzija as they attempt to reach a refugee camp together. Nadzija is forced to face the limits of her humanity in order to survive and escape the terrors in Bosnia. However, the consequences of her actions in her escape continue to haunt her decades later.

Director: Kejd Kuqo
Producer: Brittany Sheahan
Writer: Kejd Kuqo
A Woman Departed

Documentary / Canada / 9 min.

A letter to a loved one, now lost.

Director: Steven Czikk
Producer: Steven Czikk
Writer: Steven Czikk

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